Coconut White Linen Fabric



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Coconut White Linen Fabric


Refresh your room with new slipcovers.  Update for the season or with your new decor. Choose from fabrics in linen, velvet or pet friendly. Please note: Recliner frame covers cannot be changed.

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Product Details

  • Made with 100% recycled fabrics and ocean plastics
  • Stain resistant
  • Linen: Coconut, Gloomy Day In
  • Velvet: Marshmallow, Warm Sand, Evening Fog
  • Pet Friendly: Shell

Free Shipping in contiguous US | Average delivery in 4-12 weeks

Shipping FAQs
Sale ends May 27.

1. Configuration:  Two Piece

We’ll provide the number of sectionals specified; the configuration you want is up to you!

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2. Material & Color: 

We offer fabrics sample to help you choose the color. Order Fabrics Samples

3. Recliners:  0

Left, right, middle, up, or down — recliners can go wherever sectionals go!

Important: Recliners will replace the sectionals you chose from Step 1. For example, if you order a 3-piece and order 2 recliners, you will receive 1 sectional and 2 recliners.

4. Add-ons

Add an extra Ottoman Slipcover

This additional slipcover will be added in the material chosen above

+ $375

Add an extra Arm Slipcover

This additional slipcover will be added in the material chosen above

+ $100

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Easy & Quick Assembly

Enrobed in fabrics that’re pet, child & life-friendly.

Dirt. Juice. Goldfish crackers. Dog biscuits. Cat scratches. Thanks to a super-special fabric treatment that’s easy on the environment, your couch is fortified from the unfortunate accidents of a truly cushy lifestyle.

A Quick Comfort Refresher
How to be a homebody

A Homebody Couch can be intimidating — after all, you’ve never encountered comfort like this before. But with tons of patience and careful training, you too can harness your inner Homebody.

Sit on it

Eat on it

Read on it

Work on it

Hulu & Hang on it

Make a fort with it

Leave it as a display piece
Let your bed know it exists (it might get jealous)
Let your friend crash on it (they’ll never leave)

We also care about the environment.

We’re not going to say we’re creating 100% sustainable furniture — it’s super-difficult, if not impossible. But we’re trying our best, implementing environmentally-conscious practices here and there to make a difference when we can.

Sustainable down couch filling

Eiderdown feathers

Couch covering with environmentally friendly treatment

Environmentally friendly treatments on our coverings

Sustainable furniture

GRS certified fabrics made of up to 100% recycled plastic

Recyclable couch packaging

Packaging that’s recyclable, reusable, and minimal

Pet friendly couch

We just want you to be cozy. Like, really really ridiculously cozy.

We’ve all forgotten what it means to be comfortable. So we decided to do something about it.

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