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Let’s talk
about features.

  • Reclining
  • Comfort
  • Modularity
  • Fabrics


Recline your way.
An adaptable, automatic and modular recliner that can stand alone or be added onto your Homebody couch.
Space-saving design.
  • 2" of back clearance, allowing for placement against wall
  • 20" of front clearance when fully extended
  • 140° at full extension

Must-have accessories

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Headrest Pillow
This pillow attaches to the headrest, providing ergonomic support for napping or channel surfing.
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Keep all your devices juiced with this hidden USB and USB-C charging ports.
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Recliner Remote Control & Button
Find the perfect reclining angle with the wireless remote or built-in button.
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The recliner that blends in.

There's no need to sacrifice aesthetics for comfort. When not extended, our recliner looks like a part of your couch or a cozy armchair.

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Cushion Thickness

These 9” thick, cloud-like cushions provide the ideal balance of support and softness.

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Cushion Interior

Layered construction includes three types of foam, topped with a luxurious, ethically sourced eiderdown feather duvet.

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Dual-Sided Cushion

For a firmer seat, flip the cushion (they're reversible!) so the foam side is facing up.

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Cushion Size

With a spacious 23” depth, there's plenty of room for one or two people to spread out.

The Headrest

Headrest Img
Extends up to 3”
Don’t worry, tall friends. Our recliner’s headrest meets you where you’re at.
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Adjustable as you recline
Angle the recliner headrest for optimum head and neck support when sitting or reclining.
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Non-recliner Headrest
A plush, non-adjustable headrest accompanies each non-reclining seat for ergonomic comfort.
We cut corners. In a good way.
Ours is the first and only couch with a true edgeless frame with no sharp, hard corners anywhere. Lounge comfortably from any angle.
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Configure to your space.
With complete modularity and seamless recliners, the options are endless. Build your couch all at once or add on over time. If you change your space, you can always change the shape.
Assemble in 5 minutes.
  • Unpack your couch
  • Add the feet and arms
  • Determine your configuration
  • Insert U-shaped connectors and L-shaped stabilizers
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Tools are never needed with our patented single connector system. Hidden steel connectors hold modular pieces securely together—no wobbling allowed.

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Life-Friendly Fabrics

  • Verified checkmark Stain resistant
  • Verified checkmark Pet friendly
  • Verified checkmark Commercial grade
  • Verified checkmark PFAS & PFC free
  • Verified checkmark Removable covers
  • Verified checkmark Prop 65 compliant
  • Verified checkmark Oeko-Tex® Certified
    for harmful substances
  • Verified checkmark Global Recycled
    Standard Certified
Fabric Swatch Img Fabric Swatch Img
Beige velvet recliner chair from Homebody

Comfy, plush and nap-tested.