Woman relaxing on a comfortable modular recliner couch by Homebody

Embrace your inner homebody.

The couch committed to the feeling that transcends true comfort.

Get comfy comfy

Welcome to life after comfort.

Meet the recliner that’s over being lazy.

This ain’t your grandad’s dingy boy. Our modern recliners are fully automatic with a full range of movement, easily adjustable for optimal angular coziness.

In addition, our backs only need 2 inches of space from a wall for full reclination. By comparison, other recliners’ backs need 12 inches. That’s way too many inches.

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And a couch with no edges or corners like a giant marshmallow.

The Homebody couch is truly edgeless with no sharp, hard edges anywhere. This means a worry-free couch you can sink into — not a surprisingly stiff frame to conk your head on.

Couch with soft edges
Eiderdown couch filling

Filled with vegan eiderdown, a floofier, eco-friendlier alternative to boring old feathers.

All of our lush cushions are filled with exceptionally luxurious vegan eiderdown — just as soft and comfy as the real thing, without the stress and potential harm imposed on our quacky friends.

Enrobed in fabrics that’re pet, child & life-friendly.

Dirt. Juice. Goldfish crackers. Dog biscuits. Cat scratches. Thanks to a super-special fabric treatment that’s easy on the environment, your couch is fortified from the unfortunate accidents of a truly cushy lifestyle.

Comfort that’s heavy on modularity. Light on assembly.

All of our components come together in delightfully different ways: straight couches, L-shapes, chaise lounges, and more — assembled in a matter of minutes.

We give you the pieces; you figure out what works best for you. No judging or couch-shaming here.


How many homebodies?

Remember: it’s not the size of the couch, but how you use it.

Comfortable couch in velvet grey

True, unbridled comfort’s fallen by the wayside.

So we decided to do something about it.

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All of our homebodies are cozier than thou.
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