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Embrace your inner homebody.

The couch that reimagined the recliner and elevated the experience.

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“Sinking into its recliner will elicit a satisfying ahhh. Every time. It envelops you. Makes you feel safe.”

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“You can’t tell the couch has a recliner when it’s in the upright position, nor can you really see the headrest… this couch is very practical for a modern home.”

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“ ...the shockingly attractive Homebody reclining sofa, a furniture startup’s genius creation—in all its svelt and slipcovered glory.”

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The recliner that stands alone or fits right in.

Unmatched customization - design the sectional that creates an inviting space. With complete modularity and seamless recliners, the options are endless. A two seat couch can grow into an L or a U with a chaise.  Reconfigure according to the occasion, it only takes 5 minutes -  tools are never needed with the patented single connector system. 

Build all at once or add on over time. If you change your space, you can always change the shape.

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The design that flexes for you.

All of our components come together in delightfully different ways: Whether you’re looking for a straight-forward couch, L-shape, chaise lounge, and more — assemble your perfect couch in a matter of minutes.
Add on over time, invest in standalone pieces or build it all at once. If you change your space, you can always change the shape.

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More features to fall in love with:

Considered Cushioning

Homebody couch cushion layers closeup

5 layers, engineered for maximum support and comfiness.

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Lifeproof Fabrics

Food and drinks being spilled onto the stain-resistant Homebody couch

Fabrics protected from all of life's happy little accidents.

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Edgeless Components

A man relaxing on an edgeless Homebody couch

Support without the corners that cause unfortunate ouchies.

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Eiderdown Feathers

Eiderdown couch filling

Soft and comfy, but still eco-friendly. Floofy and very luxe.

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Easy Assembly

A man is assembling a modular Homebody couch

It shouldn’t be hard to add, subtract or change up your seating.

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A woman and a child pet a dog on a pet-friendly Homebody couch Kid proof couch Couch you can nap on Large sectional couch that is comfortable Comfortable reclining couch

Thank you, Laura! Speaking with you made my options so clear. The consultation was really helpful. I love my configuration and that my kids and dog can enjoy the couch without stressing me out.

Katie L.

Los Angeles

It’s pretty hard to make a couch that looks good and feels good, but Homebody absolutely knocked it out of the park.

Hayden W.

Los Angeles

Bought it for my living room. Now my dad visits all the time just to take a nap on my couch. Thanks Homebody…I guess…

Danny V.

New York

My old sofa always made my neck hurt after long periods. But now I can literally sit any way I want and feel comfortable. It’s magic!

Brandon R.

Los Angeles

The recliner is an absolute 11/10 *chefs kiss*! My butt has literally never been happier.

Rachel T.

San Francisco

Beige velvet recliner chair from Homebody

Comfy, plush and nap-tested.

All of our homebodies are cozier than thou.
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