Ivory loveseat

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Ivory loveseat

1. Configuration:  Two Piece

We’ll provide the number of sectionals specified; the configuration you want is up to you!

Considering your options? Schedule time to discuss

2. Material & Color: 

We offer fabrics sample to help you choose the color. Order Fabrics Samples

3. Recliners:  0

Left, right, middle, up, or down — recliners can go wherever sectionals go!

Important: Recliners will replace the sectionals you chose from Step 1. For example, if you order a 3-piece and order 2 recliners, you will receive 1 sectional and 2 recliners.

4. Headrest:  Square

Different rests for different noggins. Recliner seats always come with square headrests.

5. Add-ons

Add an extra Arm

The price has been included the arm matches the configuration. if you need an additional arm to build your imagination, use this add-on function to choose whatever you want.

+ $460

Add an extra Ottoman

Extra bases can be attached to your couch for a chaise setup, used detached for an ottoman sorta deal, or used separately for whatever other idea of comfy comes across your mind.

+ $1,130

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Easy & Quick Assembly

The Details

Super-important note

These dimensions are for one single unit. To find the total dimensions of our two- and three-seaters, do some math. (If you’re allergic to equations and/or calculator-deprived, just ask us.)

The Details

Our Favorite 2-Piece Configurations

We love these setups for the Homebody Couch. Have any other ideas? Let us know!

01. Straight

Don’t see the sectional you are looking for? Order a custom configuration.

Don’t see the sectional you are looking for? Order a custom configuration.

Welcome to life after comfort.

The design that flexes for you.

All of our components come together in delightfully different ways: Whether you’re looking for a straight-forward couch, L-shape, chaise lounge, and more — assemble your perfect couch in a matter of minutes.
Add on over time, invest in standalone pieces or build it all at once. If you change your space, you can always change the shape.

The recliner that stands alone or fits right in.

The old-school recliner, completely reimagined for a newer, comfier crowd. It’s fully automatic with just 2 inches of wall clearance needed for a complete recline.
Plus, it’s totally modular: let it be a standalone solo piece or place it anywhere in your Homebody couch configuration with ease.
And with other creature comforts like a built-in USB charging port and an adjustable headrest, this is definitely not your grandfather’s ratty old recliner.

An orchestra of layers.

A duvet of down surrounds the 4 other layers for a soft, sink into the couch feeling. A fluffier, sustainable alternative to feathers. 🪶

Cotton Padding encases the inner three layers for a buffering, luxurious feeling.

Memory foam for the perfect long-lasting balance of support and temperature regulation. Literally has your back and amps up the bounce factor

High resilience foam for cushiony goodness that provides support and holds its shape. Our thickest layer, made to pass the bounce test.

High density foam for maximum stability and support, but not without the softness. The final layer of support that ensures comfy time for years to come.

Enrobed in fabrics that’re pet, child & life-friendly.

Dirt. Juice. Goldfish crackers. Dog biscuits. Cat scratches. Thanks to a super-special fabric treatment that’s easy on the environment, your couch is fortified from the unfortunate accidents of a truly cushy lifestyle.

And a couch with no edges or corners like a giant marshmallow.

The Homebody couch is truly edgeless with no sharp, hard edges anywhere. This means a worry-free couch you can sink into — not a surprisingly stiff frame to conk your head on.

Eiderdown couch filling

Filled with sustainable down, a floofier, eco-friendlier alternative to boring old feathers.

All of our lush cushions are filled with exceptionally luxurious sustainable down — just as soft and comfy as the real thing, without the stress and potential harm imposed on our quacky friends.

We also care about the environment.

We’re not going to say we’re creating 100% sustainable furniture — it’s super-difficult, if not impossible. But we’re trying our best, implementing environmentally-conscious practices here and there to make a difference when we can.

Sustainable down couch filling

Sustainable down

Couch covering with environmentally friendly treatment

Environmentally friendly treatments on our coverings

Sustainable furniture

GRS certified fabrics made of up to 100% recycled plastic

Recyclable couch packaging

Packaging that’s recyclable, reusable, and minimal

Kid proof couch Couch for the whole family Couch you can nap on Large sectional couch that is comfortable Comfortable reclining couch

It’s pretty hard to make a couch that looks good and feels good, but Homebody absolutely knocked it out of the park.

Hayden W.

Los Angeles

OMG Homebody, where have you been all my life?!

Sara H.

Los Angeles

Bought it for my living room. Now my dad visits all the time just to take a nap on my couch. Thanks Homebody…I guess…

Danny V.

New York

My old sofa always made my neck hurt after long periods. But now I can literally sit any way I want and feel comfortable. It’s magic!

Brandon R.

Los Angeles

The recliner is an absolute 11/10 *chefs kiss*! My butt has literally never been happier.

Rachel T.

San Francisco

A Quick Comfort Refresher
How to be a homebody

A Homebody Couch can be intimidating — after all, you’ve never encountered comfort like this before. But with tons of patience and careful training, you too can harness your inner Homebody.

Sit on it

Eat on it

Read on it

Work on it

Hulu & Hang on it

Make a fort with it

Leave it as a display piece
Let your bed know it exists (it might get jealous)
Let your friend crash on it (they’ll never leave)

Us vs. Them

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5-layer Seat Foam

5-layer Seat Foam

1 layer of foam with only 1 firmness

Edgeless Arm Rest

Edgeless design for worry-free support without angles

Hard corners and edges for maximum angular discomfort

Ergonomic Head Rest

Ergonomic design with the right amount of support

Little to no head support

Sustainable Life-Friendly Fabrics

Specially treated to prevent damage from stains, spills, dirt, and pesky crumbs

No special treatments to protect your couch when life gets in the way

Low-Clearance Recliner

2 inches of clearance required for fully automated range of movement. Can be installed at any part of your sectional

12 inches of clearance required for limited movement. Fixed position. Boring. Only appeals to that one weird uncle nobody talks to anymore

Fully Modular with Easy Assembly

Can be assembled in literally a few minutes without any tools

So many steps — and Allen wrenches as far as the eye can see

A/B Side Designs for Cushions

Two-tone design for double the style

Just 1 colorway 😴