Mar 16, 2023

The New Couch for Your Awkward Space

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Finding the right couch for an awkward space can prove to be quite the challenge. 

Whether you have an oddly shaped alcove in your family room, an extremely tiny playroom, or a theater room with limited space for recliners, picking the right piece for your needs is tough.

You need a couch that works with the limited or oddly shaped surface area of your space. Choosing one that works with the layout of your room, pulls together your design, and is practical for your lifestyle is no small feat.

This is why we recommend going with a modular couch. You can’t really go wrong with modular sofas because they’re extremely versatile and customizable to you. So no matter what type of area you’re dealing with, you can find a configuration that suits your needs best. 

Modular couches have many different pieces that can be arranged to fit your specific requirements. You have the freedom to add, takeaway, and rearrange parts of the couch, which provides you with the versatility you need to furnish an awkward space.

What makes modular couches so great?

Modular couches are all the rage and for good reason. These provide the perfect solution when it comes to furnishing those oddly shaped spaces in your home.

Whether you’re looking for couch ideas for areas such as your family room, playroom, or basement—a modular couch is a great option for you.  

Here are a few benefits of choosing a modular couch to furnish an awkward space:

Flexibility to create your configuration

Modular couches allow you to build a variety of configurations. Some options include 2 seat, 3 seat, 4 seat, u-shaped, and l-shaped sectionals. Since the pieces of this couch are made up of individual parts, you can move and rearrange them as needed to fit in your space.

This flexibility is exactly what you need when trying to furnish a uniquely designed room. Perhaps a  traditional 3 piece sectional doesn't work well in your space, but a 2 seat sectional with an ottoman does!

Whatever your unique needs are, a modular couch allows you to   and create a piece that works well for you. 

Easy to move and rearrange

An awkward space typically doesn’t follow a traditional layout. Modular couches make it easy for you to move pieces around so they best fit your space.

This ease with which you can move different parts helps make your design visions a reality. The Homebody modular couches give you the ability to mix and match elements, and the couches themselves require no tools to assemble them.

Questions to answer before purchasing a new couch 

Before you finalize what couch you’re going to purchase for your new space, there are a few important questions you need to ask yourself.

After all, a couch is a big purchase and the last thing you want is to have to go through the hassle of returning it. Here are some questions you should be sure to keep in mind before making a final purchase:

1. How to fit a couch through a door?

Taking accurate measurements of not only the space you’re going to put the couch—but also any doorways it will have to maneuver through, any architectural pieces in the way, and the couch itself is critical.

You don’t want to have to send back a sofa you love, because it won’t even fit through your doorway. Make sure you double check that all the measurements you’ve taken are accurate and the couch you choose fits your needs.

You’ll need to make sure you have measurements for the length, width, and height of the sofa and the area it will be placed in. You also need the length and height of the doorways to make sure the couch will fit through them. 

2. Will it match your room’s style?

Figuring out how to fit a couch into an awkward space and making it look cohesive with the rest of the room is also a challenge. This is why we always recommend requesting fabric samples to see exactly how the new couch will look in your space.

Factors like the amount of sunlight the room gets and the other colors found in the space will impact how different couches look in your home . So even if you love a fabric in store or in photos, it’s crucial to see how it will actually look in your room.

The last thing you want is to buy a couch and then not be satisfied with how it looks and feels in your space. 

3. What are you actually using the couch for?

Picking a couch that matches your lifestyle is key to making an awkward space feel more cozy. 

For instance, if you’re looking to furnish an oddly shaped theater room, you need to pick a configuration that allows everyone to have a comfortable view of the screen. You may opt for a reclining sectional for a more relaxed feel. 

Alternatively, if you’re looking for playroom couch ideas you are going to want to opt for a stain resistant option that has plenty of room for your kids to spread out. Getting clear on your vision for your space is key to picking the right couch.

Need some help picking the perfect couch?

When you start to build your own sectional, sometimes you just want help from the experts. Modular couches give you many different options to choose from, and let’s face it—sometimes the choices you have to make can be overwhelming.

Homebody’s specialists are here to help you build the perfect sectional for your unique space. They’ll get to know more about you, your needs, your floorplan, and help you build the couch of your dreams. Be sure to schedule a consultation today, and get started designing your perfect piece.

When you work with Homebody, you can say goodbye to worrying about how to furnish the awkward space in your home, and say hello to living life after comfort. 

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