Feb 27, 2024

How to Decorate Your Home With an Ottoman

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An ottoman can be a functional part of any room. It provides a place to sit, a place to prop your legs, or an extra coffee table. In this article, we'll walk you through the ins and outs of decorating with ottomans so that you can make the most out of this versatile piece of furniture in your own space. Let's get started.

Color Coordination with Ottomans

Selecting the perfect color for an ottoman is key to enhancing your room's decor. It's a choice between creating a harmonious space or adding a dynamic focal point.

Harmony with Neutrals

Neutral colors are like a soft whisper in a room-they don't shout for attention but subtly enrich the space. An ottoman in shades of gray, from gentle dove to deep charcoal, can complement a modern or minimalist decor by reinforcing the sleek, chic look. Beige and sand bring warmth without overpowering, while a creamy white ottoman can brighten the space and give it a fresh, clean feel. These hues blend beautifully with various textures and materials, enhancing the sense of calm.

The Power of Quiet Colors

While often understated, neutral colors have their own impact on a space. A gray or beige ottoman might not be as loud as its brightly colored counterparts, but it contributes to a serene and inviting environment. Creamy white and sand reflect more light, which can make a room appear larger and more open. Darker grays, on the other hand, can ground a space and add depth.

Choosing an ottoman in these calming neutrals can create a cohesive look that feels intentional and polished. Whether you want the ottoman to quietly support the room's design or serve as a subtle statement piece, these shades offer flexibility and sophistication. Pick the color that not only matches but also enhances the mood and size perception of your room.

Functional Decoration through Ottomans

It's not just an ottoman; it can also become an extension of your sofa to create a makeshift chaise

Ottomans are more than a resting place for your feet; they have the ability to transform and elevate your living space with their versatility.

Versatile Furniture Pieces

Consider the ottoman as a master of disguise in your home. It's not just an ottoman; it can also become an extension of your sofa to create a makeshift chaise, perfect for stretching out during movie nights or as an informal lounge area when you need some downtime. Then, there are those times you need a flat surface to hold your coffee cup or laptop; place a tray on top of the ottoman, and it effortlessly transitions into a convenient coffee table.

Adaptable and Unobtrusive:

An ottoman can seamlessly adapt to your current needs without being intrusive. Whether you're lounging comfortably with extended legs on your newly formed chaise or gathering around your ottoman-cum-coffee table for a casual meet-up, it adds functionality while maintaining the aesthetics of your room. This adaptability is especially beneficial in living spaces where flexibility is as important as comfort and design.

Space-Efficient Design Solutions

The beauty of an ottoman lies in its simplicity and the subtle efficiency it brings to a room. By taking on multiple roles, this single piece of furniture can reduce the need for additional items, freeing up space and keeping your living areas open and inviting. As a part of your seating arrangement or as a centerpiece that doubles as a table, an ottoman works hard to serve your lifestyle without overwhelming your space.

With an ottoman that can offer so much more beyond its traditional use, you elevate practicality to an art form, allowing for a home that's both functional and elegantly appointed.

Styling with Accessories

Getting the right ottoman is just the start – now comes the fun part: dressing it up. With a few simple touches, you can take your ottoman from being a background piece to the star of the show.

Topping It Off:

One way to spice up your ottoman is by adding a tray on top. This isn't just about looks – a sturdy tray makes your ottoman a hardworking coffee table, where you can safely place glasses, mugs, or vases. Choose a tray that contrasts with your ottoman for a bit of drama, or match it for a more cohesive look. Either way, a tray adds functionality and a fun finishing touch to your setup.

But don't stop at trays. You can also adorn your ottoman with books to give it a cultured vibe or add a vase with fresh flowers for a touch of nature. These elements invite conversation and add layers of personality to your space. And when the seasons change, swap out decorations to keep your living area looking fresh and timely.

Textural Play:

The texture can be just as impactful as color when it comes to ottoman styling. A knit throw or fuzzy sheepskin draped over your ottoman invites people to sit down and relax, adding a layer of coziness to the room. In warmer months, a lightweight linen throw can keep things breezy and casual. Mix and match textures and patterns to inject some fun into the room. Layering different materials creates depth and interest, making your ottoman a focal point that's both inviting and stylish.

Placement Strategies for Ottomans

Now that your ottoman looks the part, finding the perfect spot for it is key. Where you place your ottoman can change how a room feels and flows. Here's how to make the most out of this versatile piece by placing it strategically in different rooms.

Bedroom Retreat

Your bedroom should be your oasis, and an ottoman can enhance that feeling. Placing a plush ottoman at the foot of the bed adds elegance and function. It's a convenient place to lay out clothes for the next day or to sit and relax before bedtime. If your bedroom has a large window with a view, consider positioning your ottoman there. It could become the best seat in the house for morning coffee or evening stargazing.

Entryway Function

Don't overlook the entryway when placing your ottoman. A compact and durable ottoman serves as a convenient seat for slipping shoes on or off. It is important to position it out of the way to maintain a clear path for people coming and going. With thoughtful placement, an ottoman not only makes your entrance area more welcoming but also adds to its functionality.

With these tips, you'll see that an ottoman isn't just another piece of furniture but a dynamic addition that can be practical and pretty, regardless of where you place it.


An ottoman is a versatile piece that can enhance any room in your home. It can be the main focus in your living room, a cozy addition to your bedroom, or a useful item in your entryway, uplifting the area with both its style and usability. Use your ottoman as a way to showcase your style, address a specific need, or to bring an element of comfort into your routine. In the end, how you decorate your home with an ottoman is up to you – make it fun, make it functional, but most importantly, make it yours.

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