Apr 21, 2023

Lovesac vs Restoration Hardware: Lovesac, RH & Homebody Couch Comparison

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If you’ve already decided you need a sectional, it was probably because they are customizable and easy to install. Now you’re trying to make an informed purchase.

Please read on if you want to compare leading sectionals to help make sure you make the right choice.

Your long-term experience with a sofa will ultimately depend on customization, comfort, and price. Customization is essential since you want your sectional to evolve with you and your space. Comfort is critical since any experience will be diminished if your couch is uncomfortable. Price is based on your budget and the couch’s price/value relationship. Studies have found that you cannot enjoy something if it feels like you overpaid.

RH Cloud, LoveSac Sactional, and Homebody were selected for this comparison. RH Cloud is known for its comfort, LoveSac Sactional is known for its modularity, and Homebody is a relatively new brand. It was created by second-generation furniture makers who have something to prove.


Since you are selecting a sectional, customization is defined as modularity. How easy is it to reconfigure your couch into different seating arrangements?  Entertaining, redecorating, moving, and leveraging a great room are the most common times to rearrange your sectional. 

Entertaining: Your seating should enhance your event. Create an L or U-shaped couch for a movie night so everyone can see the screen. If you are having a cocktail party, arrange seating in groups for conversation. You want to create as much open space as possible for a kid's party.  

Redecorating: Rearranging the furniture is the fastest way to make a room feel new. If you also change the pillows or throw, it can have a completely different feeling.

Moving: You are eager to make your new space feel like home after moving. If you have a highly modular sectional, it can be quickly reconfigured. Even the most awkward space can feel inviting with the right seating.

Great room: Great rooms are designed to have many uses. Their only limitation is how quickly you can move and rearrange the furniture. With the right sectional, the space can fast go from yoga to a book club to a piano recital.

Overall modularity: The RH Cloud needs better modularity. All seats are either left corners, right corners, or armless. Their use is predetermined and cannot be changed. Since the connectors are under the couch, rearranging is more challenging. LoveSac and Homebody both have exceptional modularity.  Each seat can be reconfigured to meet your needs. 

Reconfiguration options: RH Cloud sectionals cannot be reconfigured since the function of each seat is predetermined. With Homebody and LoveSac, the arms can be removed. This means a left-facing L couch can become a right-facing L couch. With additional seats, you can also create a U.

Ease of reconfiguring: Homebody is the easiest to reconfigure since the seats are joined with U-shaped connectors. RH Cloud and LoveSac both have connectors on the floor. This means that each center must be lifted to separate them. LoveSac also has U-shaped connectors.


A winning couch invites you to sit down and encourages you to stay. You sink into its plump cushions yet also feel bounce and support. There seem to be endless ways to be comfortable. You can quickly get up and never have a backache after sitting for a long time.  

To experience this level of comfort, your seat, back, head, and legs need appropriate support.

Cushions: RH Cloud and Homebody have layered cushioning for the back and seat. The down lets you sink in while the layers of foam cushioning provide support.  Homebody has slightly more bounce and is easier to stand up from; their down is also sustainable. Lovesac’s cushions are foam.  Since it is pretty firm, additional pillows are needed to be comfortable.

Head Support: Homebody’s couches have a headrest. It is adjustable on their recliner seats. Pull the headrest forward for more support. It will spring back to its original position if you pull it forward and push on it. Taller people can extend the recliner headrest 3” to stretch out.  Add a pillow to support your head on an RH Cloud or LoveSac.

Leg Support / Recliner:  To put your feet up on an RH Cloud or LoveSac, use an ottoman or chaise. Homebody has these options too. They also offer a seamless recliner – on their couch, and you cannot tell which seat is the recliner. It could be left, right, or center. Homebody’s recliners can also be placed next to a wall since they only require 2” of backspace yet provide a 140° lean.  A coffee table can be placed in front since it only needs 20” fully extended. The Homebody’s recliner is automatic and can be activated with a remote or with the buttons on the seat.  It does need to be plugged in; the cord is 6 ft long.

Edgeless Arms: Couch arms serve many functions. They should be soft enough to lean against yet firm enough to rest a computer. RH Cloud and LoveSac recommend adding a pillow to lean against the couch arm. Homebody's unique edgeless technology makes the arms firm enough to rest on a dish and soft sufficient to bend against.


When comparing  3-seat sectionals, LoveSac starts at $3,945, Homebody begins at $5,190 ($5,940 with one recliner), and RH Cloud starts at $7,885. LoveSac’s lower price can be attributed to its construction and foam cushions. Both RH Cloud and Homebody have spring supports in their frames. These springs contribute to couch longevity and prevent sagging. These brands also have advanced cushioning with both down and foam to maximize comfort and support.  Homebody’s price can be attributed to their construction, cushions, and recliner option.  It is not surprising that RH has the highest price point. As a leader in the furniture category, they have the freedom to set their price. Consumers who enjoy paying for a name will not mind spending more on their sectional.


Customization, comfort, and price are the factors that create a successful long-term relationship with your sectional. The questions below will help you decide; our recommendations are included below for you.

  • Will your sectional easily adjust to the activities in your day and the years to come?
  • Recommendation: Homebody and LoveSac
  • Will you look forward to spending time on your couch because it has a welcoming softness that supports your head, body, and legs?
  • Recommendation: Homebody and RH
  • Do you want to know that you paid for your couch’s quality but not its name?
  • Recommendation: Homebody and RH

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