Feb 5, 2024

How to Choose the Perfect Recliner for Your Home

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There's nothing quite like coming home, putting your feet up, and sinking into a comfortable recliner - it's where some of our best naps happen, where we get lost in show marathons, and where we find peace at the end of a hectic day.

Choosing the right recliner is about more than just picking out a piece of furniture; it's about finding that go-to spot for relaxation that feels just right. With so many options to choose from, picking 'the one' might seem tough, but don't worry! This simple guide will help you focus on what's important: comfort, personal style, and how you'll use your recliner.

First Things First: What Will This Recliner Be Used For?

Before you start looking, ask yourself, what you need from a recliner:

  • If you're going to spend hours watching your favorite TV shows, look for a chair that stays comfortable over time. Think about handy extras like cup holders or storage for your remotes if that fits with your current setup.
  • For those after the perfect spot to dive into a book or catch some Z's, seek out a recliner with super soft cushions and lots of positions to help you relax just right.
  • In busy family rooms, you'll want a recliner that can take some activity, especially if pets or parties are common. Look for tough fabrics that can keep up.

Once you know what you need your recliner for, you can begin your search with a clear idea of what to look for, making it easier to find your new favorite chair.

Testing Comfort: Fabrics, Cushions & Ergonomics

Now onto the fun part-making sure your new recliner feels as good as it looks. Rub those fabric samples between your fingers and imagine which one you'd like touching every day. Think about your daily life; if you've got kids or pets, you might want a fabric that's tough but still comfy.

Consider these details:

  • How the fabric feels - you want something that's nice to touch but can also stand up to everyday life.
  • The cushioning inside - does it hug your body from the seat to the backrest?
  • Is the material easy to clean? Life happens, and spills shouldn't be a disaster.
  • How's the airflow? You don't want to stick to your chair during a movie marathon.
  • Opt for fabrics that are pet-friendly, easy to clean and stain-resistant, saving you time and hassle in maintenance.

And then, take a seat! Settle into the display models at the store:

  • Does the chair stay comfortable after you sit in it for a while?
  • Can you adjust the arms and leg rests to your liking?
  • Check the back support - your lower back should feel well-supported.
  • Does the chair fit your body's shape and give you support where you need it?

Take your time trying out different chairs and imagining kicking back in them at home. Trust your instincts to lead you to the recliner that's calling your name.

Finding the Recliner That Fits Your Style

Now that you know what you want in a recliner and you've made sure it'll fit, it's time to have a little fun with the look of it. A recliner isn't just about comfort-it's a big piece that can set the mood of your room, just like your couch or dining table does.

Think about these things:

  • Take a peek at your cushions, curtains, or wall art. If there are lots of colors and patterns already, a neutral recliner could be the chill factor. But if your room could use a dash of excitement, pick a recliner in a bold color to make things interesting.
  • Picture your space during a get-together. Do you see your friends heading straight for a unique, statement-making chair, or do you see your new recliner as part of the comfy, welcoming vibe?
  • Ask yourself what vibe your room has. Is it the go-to hangout spot with a cozy feel? Or is it more like a magazine cover where everything's sleek and sharp? For a casual spot, a plush, sink-right-in chair is perfect. If it's a modern setting you're after, find a recliner with a neat design that looks almost like a piece of art.

Whether it's a neutral nook maker or a vibrant conversation starter, your choice will add that final touch to make your house feel like home. So take one last look around your room, consider the vibe, and make your pick.

Enhancing Your Space with a Modular Recliner

Let's talk about the kind of recliner that changes everything. This isn't your average chair; it's a standalone piece that's modular, meaning you can choose whether it's on the left, right, or center-it's all about where you want to relax.

  • Go Modular: Love having options? This standalone recliner can switch sides-left, middle, right-wherever you need it to be. It's fully automatic and snaps together in any configuration, giving you total control over how you lounge.
  • Press to Relax: Forget manual levers; this chair reclines with the push of a button. Use the wireless remote to find your perfect angle down to the inch, making maximum comfort incredibly easy.
  • Squeeze it in: Worried about space? Don't be. When it's time to kick back, this recliner only needs 2 inches of space behind it and 20 inches in front. Push it up against the wall, pull it out when you're ready to recline and enjoy-even in tight spaces.

When it comes to unwinding, why compromise on comfort or space? With this clever piece, you won't have to-the perfect chill-out spot is always just a shuffle and a click away.

Making Sure Your Chaise Lounge Fits

Before you bring home that comfy chaise lounge, let's make sure it'll fit. Grab a tape measure and check the width of your doors and stairs to make sure the boxes can get through without a game of Tetris.

Here's what to keep an eye on:

  • How much space do you have against the wall or in that cozy corner?
  • The height from your floor to your ceiling, so the back of the chair doesn't scrape when you lean back.
  • Make sure there's enough room to walk around the chair without bumping into it.
  • Don't forget about the comfort of whoever will be sitting in it most. Make sure it fits their height and size just right.

It's good to know how to send it back too, just in case it doesn't work out. And hey, some stores will let you try out a fabric sample or even a test chair, which is a great way to see if it looks as good as you imagined.

Choosing the Perfect Recliner: Key Takeaways

Finding the perfect chair to kick back in can be a bit tricky, but don't get stuck overthinking it. Here's how to nail it down:

  • Purpose First: Ask yourself, what's this recliner for? Watching TV, gaming, or just some good old rest and relaxation? Knowing this helps you zoom in on the right chair from the start.
  • Fit Your Space: Grab your tape measure and figure out where this chair's going to live. Make sure there's enough room, then go test out some chairs to find one that feels as good as it looks.
  • Customize to Your Comfort: Want the freedom to change your setup based on mood or occasion? The modular design lets you rearrange the seating however you fancy-left, right, center-you call the shots.
  • Home Trial: Bring some samples home or go for a temporary test run to make sure it's the right choice.

Now you're all set for those movie marathons and lazy nap afternoons. Enjoy finding your perfect recliner-it's out there waiting for you!

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