Warm Sand 7 Seat Sectional

Warm Sand 7 Seat Sectional


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Warm Sand 7 Seat Sectional

1. Configuration:  Two Piece

We’ll provide the number of sectionals specified; the configuration you want is up to you!

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2. Material & Color: 

We offer fabrics sample to help you choose the color. Order Fabrics Samples

3. Recliners:  0

Left, right, middle, up, or down — recliners can go wherever sectionals go!

Important: Recliners will replace the sectionals you chose from Step 1. For example, if you order a 3-piece and order 2 recliners, you will receive 1 sectional and 2 recliners.

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

4. Headrest:  Square

Different rests for different noggins. Recliner seats always come with square headrests.

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The warm beige color of this U-shaped sectional and simplicity of its lines makes it a classic choice to go with a modern, minimalist or urban design style. Its beauty does not end with its looks: this couch screams comfort and relaxation. Its cushions are filled with vegan eiderdown - a fluffier and eco-friendlier version of regular feathers, the stain resistant velvet fabric is soft to the touch and the arms have no hard edges. Throw a party and this sectional will comfortably seat at least seven people. Add a recliner or a few to its seats and you've got a lux space for a movie or gaming get together.


166.9" x 71.7" x 104.3"

The Details

Super-important note

These dimensions are for one single unit. To find the total dimensions of our two- and three-seaters, do some math. (If you’re allergic to equations and/or calculator-deprived, just ask us.)

The Details

Our Favorite 2-Piece Configurations

We love these setups for the Homebody Couch. Have any other ideas? Let us know!

01. Straight

Don’t see the sectional you are looking for? Order a custom configuration.

Don’t see the sectional you are looking for? Order a custom configuration.