Marshmallow 3 Seat Sectional

Marshmallow 3 Seat Sectional


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Marshmallow 3 Seat Sectional

1. Configuration:  Two Piece

We’ll provide the number of sectionals specified; the configuration you want is up to you!

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2. Material & Color: 

We offer fabrics sample to help you choose the color. Order Fabrics Samples

3. Recliners:  0

Left, right, middle, up, or down — recliners can go wherever sectionals go!

Important: Recliners will replace the sectionals you chose from Step 1. For example, if you order a 3-piece and order 2 recliners, you will receive 1 sectional and 2 recliners.

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4. Headrest:  Square

Different rests for different noggins. Recliner seats always come with square headrests.

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Whether for a home with a family or roommates, this 3 seat couch offers ample space and comfort. Modify it to your liking by adding one or more recliners. The arms come with no hard edges and pillows are filled with vegan eiderdown, which is feathers, but eco-friendly. Homebody prides itself on the comfort of its couches. This white velvet sectional speaks plush and comfort as no other couch can. Stain resistant, additional colors and fabrics available.


128.4" x 39"

The Details

Super-important note

These dimensions are for one single unit. To find the total dimensions of our two- and three-seaters, do some math. (If you’re allergic to equations and/or calculator-deprived, just ask us.)

The Details

Our Favorite 2-Piece Configurations

We love these setups for the Homebody Couch. Have any other ideas? Let us know!

01. Straight

Don’t see the sectional you are looking for? Order a custom configuration.

Don’t see the sectional you are looking for? Order a custom configuration.